Protect yourself with antioxidants

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  What is a free radical? A free radical is an oxygen molecule that become unstable and cause oxidation of other molecules. This can lead to cellular damage that triggers inflammation, cancer, arterial damage and ageing. Free radicals are link with 60 diseases. These oxidants must be neutralized and removed. Oxidants are produced by: Smoking Exhaust fumes Radiation Frying Barbecues … Read More

Stress – manage it with exercise, meditation and natural medicine

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There are many modalities that can help you to manage stress. A natural solution is always better than a drug solution that will only mask the problems and that can lead to addictions. What is stress? Stress is a group of reactions that take place in the body as a result of exposure to different kinds of threats. The origin … Read More

Cholesterol can be managed with lifestyle modification and natural remedies

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The cholesterol myth Cardiovascular disease is not simply a high cholesterol disease but an inflammatory disease. 80% Cholesterol is manufactured in your body. 20% Cholesterol is from animal protein – that is now the food that you eat. Raised cholesterol levels are a sign of a lifestyle problem and that should be the first priority in reducing cholesterol levels. The … Read More