“We are from the Netherlands and we visit SA twice a year.  I’ve been suffering with Pneumonia for 2 years now and been on strong medication for the last month to try and recover.  It looked like my holiday to South Africa was ruined…..until a friend of ours recommended James and booked an appointment to see him the next day. He was very kind, and took a lot of time to find out was going on.  After 5 days of intense treatment (medicine and therapy) I felt much better already and within weeks I recovered totally! 

From this moment I started to see James twice a year and my husband as well. He is checking our overall health and gives medication, supplements and advise where needed. And it works, because the results of the tests show that our overall health is improving! Also we feel great, and don’t suffer from flu or cold anymore, even in the cold and wet Dutch winter!

James is always very friendly and involved, takes time and helps us wherever he can, he even sends medicine to the Netherlands when needed. We are in good hands with James and his clinic.”  ~Mieke Kuenen

“I am pleased to say that I have been a patient of James Liddell  for many years.  I have always found him very professional in his inter action with myself and husband.  His understanding, enthusiasm, and compassion and zest for life is evident at every consultation .His obvious medical knowledge has identified and cured my health problems over the years.

His has always found the time to advise and give suggestions on various “life issues”. His bed side manner is very rare in this day and age. One comes away from his consultations feeling medically empowered , relaxed and confident about the future.

I have purchased numerous products over the years from James and all the products I have used, I am pleased to say I have greatly benefited by using them. For example the flu tablets which we have taken have insured a flu free winter unlike numerous friends and acquaintances in Cape Town.

Another example is that I was diagnosed by a specialist as having Polymyalgia and was put on a regime of cortisone and mextrate which I was told I would be on for two years. James was horrified and stopped the prescribed drugs over a very short period and substituted them with his products. I am glad to attest that numerous blood test showed that my CRP is now normal and free of my Polymyalgia.

Thank you James for all your help love and compassion over the years.”

~Rosemary Hunkin