Why Mercury is not Good for you

Natural Medicine Can Assist In Cleaning The Body Of Heavy Metals

Why mercury is not good for you:

Mercury is toxic to the body in any concentration.    There are no functions or need for mercury in the body.  Common complains to mercury sensitivity: fainting, blurred vision, hyperactivity, headaches, dizziness, anxiety, aggression, insomnia, restlessness, attention problems, confusion, forgetfulness, depression, skin rashes, excessive perspiration, eye problems, dizziness, sinus, throat problems, wheezing in lungs, palpitations, obesity, thirst, frequent urination, bedwetting, muscle and joint pain, fatigue, water retention and  hot and cold feelings.


Mercury Toxicity Sensitivity Questionnaire

1. Have you often had sore gums (gingivitis) over the years? YES NO
2. Have you had mental symptoms such as confusion or forgetfulness? YES NO
3. Have you ever had severe depression? YES NO
4. Do you have ringing in the ears? YES NO
5. Have you had TMJ (temporo-mandibular joint) problems? YES NO
6. Have you had unusual shakiness (tremors) of your hands and / or arms or twitching of other muscles? YES NO
7. Do you have “brown spots” (liver spots) or “age spots” under your eyes or elsewhere in the skin of your body? YES NO
8. Have you had more colds, flu and other examples of infectious diseases than “normal”? YES NO
9. Have you had food allergies or intolerances at any point in time? YES NO
10. Have you been to doctors for your health problems and they haveusually said “There is nothing wrong with you”? YES NO
11. Do you have a numbness or burning sensations in your mouth or gums? YES NO
12. Do you have a numbness or unexplained tingling in your arms of legs? YES NO
13. Have you developed difficulty in walking? YES NO
14. Do you have or hadmore than 10 “silver” fillings? YES NO
15. Do you have a “metallic” taste in your mouth? YES NO
16. Have you ever worked as a painter or in amanufacturing/chemical or pesticide/fungicide factories (fungicides with methyl mercury ingredients) or in pulp/paper mills that used mercury? YES NO
17. Have you ever worked as a chemist, dentist, hygienist, or dental assistant? YES NO
18. Have you ever had Candida or yeast infections(vagina, mouth or GI tract)? YES NO
19. Do you have bad breath (halitosis) or white tongue (thrush)? YES NO
20. Have you had low basal body axillary temperature (below 36.5 over the years? YES NO
21. Do you frequently have problems with constipation? YES NO
22. Do you have a heart irregularity or rapid pulse (tachycardia)? YES NO
23. Do you have arthritis or pains in various joints? YES NO
24. Do you have mucus in your stools? YES NO
25. Do you have chest pains even after EKG’s, X-ray, and heart studies are normal? YES NO
26. Do you have frequent insomnia (sleeplessness)? YES NO
27. Have you had frequent kidney infections or do you have kidney problems? YES NO
28. Are you often fatigued and never seem to have enough energy? YES NO
29. Do you have irritability or dramatic changes in behaviour? YES NO
30. Are you on antidepressants or have you been in the past? YES NO
    Total “ YES” score  


Special Note:

If you score 5 or more in the “YES” column – you should consider urine tests for mercury and start chelation therapy with natural medicine (practitioner assistance recommended).


Natural formulations that can be beneficial in chelation therapy include the following:

  • EDTA
  • Cilantro Extract
  • Chlorella
  • N-Acetyl-Cysteien
  • DMSA
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid
  • Allicin (organic garlic extract)





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