Heart health and Cell phone Radiation


What Is Your Cell Phone Doing To Your Blood

Do not underestimate the disturbing effect that Wi Fi has on our blood. What is bad for the blood is bad for the heart. Even for “second hand” gadget users! The person next to you is also affected by the wireless and blue tooth emissions that come from you if your laptop, cell phone and I-pad are close by and switched on. We like to blame smoking for causing heart attacks but fewer people smoke these days yet more of us have heart attacks. We fail to acknowledge that we are doing terrible things to our blood by not only eating foul food – but by zapping our brains and our blood on a continuous basis.

May these images help to point out that the only good cell phone is one that is switched off most of the time and does not live in your pocket. (Your heart is situated behind the top pocket of your shirt or jacket.) Blood that is already showing signs of ill health, poor oxygenation and sticky red blood cells needs all the help it can get. Junk food for lunch, especially French fries washed down with some sugary soda and having a nice long chat to on the cell phone is what most people do daily. They also keep them switched on 24 / 7, by their side.

The Weston A. Price Foundation heath protocol is based on simple untainted whole foods. Large amounts of saturated animal fat (including butter and eggs) combined with sufficient Omega 3 fats from high doses of cod liver oil are included. A lot of emphasis is placed on fermented foods and those high in natural sources of probiotics.  Probiotics help to detoxify the body and offer protection from absorbing toxins – especially heavy metals. However, they do not help to protect us from our favourite Wi-Fi gadgets. Some very recent studies were undertaken in February 2015 by the Price foundation. More research is required to determine the extent of these implications because we underestimate the constant damage our wireless world is doing to the heart. We need more protection than diet, exercise and a positive, loving attitude to survive the onslaught of electro-smog. In the meantime, we are advised by experts such as Electromagnetic Health and other frontline researchers to use protective devices and limit our exposure to damaging frequencies.

How to improve the blood flow

Blood acidity and increased viscosity is caused by a lack of antioxidants (especially the much-needed vitamin C) and the buffering action of alkaline electrolytes such as calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium. Taking a blood alkalizer such as a chlorophyll supplement or a dose of magnesium chloride causes a visible change in the blood, even half an hour later. It reverses the electrical charge and the cells separate. In a healthy well-oxygenated artery, red blood cells are not sticky and can carry larger loads. This is clearly illustrated by taking snapshots of blood samples from healthy people. However, a tangle of red blood cells show that the patient eats too much sugar is dehydrated, acidic and is exposed to radiation, toxins and microbes.

Please protect yourselves from cell phone radiation with EMF protectors, the diet right and supplements as discussed above.

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