Complications of cold and flu


Colds and flu can have serious complications like encephalitis, Reye`s syndrome, bronchitis, sinusitis, heart attack, can aggravate other pre-existing conditions and can also cause dehydration in the elderly.


Encephalitis is inflammation of the brain and though serious, but not common as a complication in children. Signs and symptoms include: fever, headache, irritability, change in level of consciousness, hallucinations, muscle weakness, loss of sensation or paralysis, tremors and sometimes seizures. If you see any of the above, it needs urgent medical attention.

Reye`s Syndrome

This is also a rare condition, but normally associated with aspirin use in children during flu. Symptoms start with vomiting and can last for a couple of hours. Vomiting is normally followed by aggressive and irritable behaviour, then tiredness, loss of consciousness and seizures. Liver and brain damage might be permanent.


This is a common flu complication in adults and children. Common symptoms: wheezing of lungs and lungs are painful especially when coughing. Natural remedies like Echinacea, olive leaf extract and oregano oil can be useful in combating the infection.


When the flu goes over into sinusitis it can cause discomfort for weeks. Normally you have a fungal infection at this point in time. Oregano oil can be very beneficial in treatment.

Heart attack

If the patient has a history of heart conditions he is at risk.

Aggravation of pre-existing conditions

If the patient is diabetic and or has COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) he or she has to be monitored carefully as they are regarded as high-risk patients.


Dehydration can easily happen in the elderly and children. If the patient cannot take enough liquid by mouth, the might need intravenous fluids.

When to see your doctor:

  • Symptoms get worse.
  • No improvement after 5 days.
  • A fever of 37.5°C for 3 days nonstop or a fever of 39.5°C and higher.
  • Phlegm:  green, dark yellow or brown – bacterial infection in either lungs or sinuses.
  • Pain in chest and difficulty in breathing – lung infection.
  • Children – no improvement after one week, earache, difficulty in breathing, fever that does not subside after 48h of treatment and sore throat for 3 days.

In conclusion, if you have a high antioxidant score, you will very seldom get sick and recover quickly. I recommend Lifepak Nano which is a complete nutritional programme that will improve your antioxidant status. We can check your antioxidant status at the clinic for R100 a scan. Remember, getting sick is sometimes a message to slow down and rest. Bed rest is a very important component in getting healthy again.

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