You can choose to wake up and live your best life

You can choose to wake up and live your best life

Awareness and the choice to live your best life

How awake are you?

No, I’m not talking about how much energy you have today or if you slept well last night, although that might influence your state of alertness. What I am referring to is how aware you are of your surroundings, of yourself and others.

Take a look around the room you are in right now. What do you see? How do you feel in the space? Are there any scents or aromas that you can make out? Take a moment to observe the things around you.

Now, close your eyes and take three deep breaths – letting go of all thoughts and emotions that are distracting you. Feel the air rushing into your lungs as your lungs expand, and then feel your breath release as you sink further and more comfortably into your body.

When you are done, sweep the room again with your eyes. What do you see now that you never noticed a minute ago? Which scents can you smell now? How do you feel?

You will become aware of things in the space that you never saw before – as you start to observe the little things in more detail. Colours may look a little brighter. You may realise that your mind has become quieter. You might be smelling some previously undetected aromas. You may find that you feel different in your body – calmer and more relaxed, for example.

That is because you are slightly more awake and aware in this moment than you were a minute ago.

Many of us get so caught up in the thoughts in our minds that we end up sleep-walking through most of our lives, not really aware of what is happening around us. Take, for example, all those times when you have been driving somewhere and got distracted by your thoughts, worries and concerns. Next thing you know you have arrived at your destination without much recollection of how you got there. Or, you were sitting in a business meeting and were suddenly asked for your opinion, only to realise you never heard the last 5 minutes of the conversation due to the dialogue in your head.

According to Dr Bruce Lipton, the majority of people are fully conscious, present and aware for up to 5 % of their day (Source: 2014. Accessed on 07 May 2019).

This means that for approximately 95 % of the day most people are controlled by their subconscious mind and all the programmes stored within it (I.e.: “sleep-walking”). That’s a pretty scary thought.

The next time you are out in public, take a look around you and observe how many people seem stuck in their heads, overlooking what is happening right in front of them. I know, without a doubt, that it has happened to me too many times for comfort. That is, before I actively started to become more present in each moment. It’s not always easy when the stories in my head seem to take over and my emotions drag me and my thoughts further down the rabbit hole. It is, however, always worth it for those minutes of peace when the mind goes quiet and I can actively engage with my environment and the people around me.

So, why is it such a problem if we spend the majority of the day being controlled by the subconscious mind?

Well, first off, it is important to understand that the subconscious mind is far more powerful than the conscious mind. And, secondly, the subconscious mind basically replays all of our conditioning from childhood. All of those thoughts of “I am not good enough” or “I do not deserve ….. (fill in the blank)” were absorbed by the subconscious mind in our formative years and now go unquestioned as the limiting beliefs we constantly carry around with us. Now, because these limiting beliefs are being held captive in our subconscious mind, we are not aware of them and the destructive influence they are having on how we live our lives, how we interact with the people around us, and the situations and circumstances we attract to ourselves.

More importantly, if these beliefs are not within our conscious awareness, what strategies can we employ to change them and improve our life situations? Positive thinking can be helpful and is widely advocated by “people in the know”, but if we are consciously thinking positively for 5 % of the day and our limiting beliefs and subconscious programmes are active for the remaining 95 % of the day, we would have to do heaps more positive thinking than we realise in order for it to be truly effective. Don’t get me wrong, while positive thinking is far more preferable to negative thinking, staying stuck in the thinking process is the real issue here. In essence, we are the casualty of self-sabotage – all the positive thinking we are doing and all the wonderful efforts we are putting into improving our lives are overshadowed by those long moments when we fall into the programmes of autopilot thinking and doing, the programmes of the subconscious mind.

Added to this, in the grips of unconscious processes and programmes, we struggle to be creative or innovative. We cannot think of new solutions to current challenges. Those creative processes are performed when we are engaged in the present moment, unencumbered by prior conditioning and limiting belief systems. In other words, you need to be fully present in the moment, aware of all of your senses, and awake to your surroundings in order for your creativity to kick in.

I have found Hypnotherapy to be one of the most effective methods to help me adjust my limiting beliefs and to move forward positively and proactively in my life and within myself, while assisting me to become more present in each moment. That is why I chose to add Hypnotherapy to my list of qualifications. I want to help others to achieve their goals and live their dreams. It is my passion and purpose to assist, support and guide individuals (of all ages) through their healing process and towards their desired outcomes. It is my aim to help my clients to empower themselves, to overcome their challenges, to break free from the old, destructive behaviours and patterns that are holding them back, and to reclaim the essence of their true selves. Every person has the capacity and ability to grow their awareness and evolve beyond their perceived limitations. It is one of the greatest gifts of the human condition. It is up to each of us to decide if we will accept that gift and use it for our greatest good and for the good of mankind.

Every person who takes up the offer to wake up and switch off their autopilot mind will, ultimately, make a difference in the lives of everyone they encounter. They will inspire others around them to do the same. So, now is the time to ask yourself, “Do I want to wake up and make the most of my life, or do I choose to stay asleep and miss all the beauty and wonder surrounding me in this moment?” The choice is yours.

I dare you to wake up to this moment and to give yourself permission to live your best life.

You can do it.

The power is within you… and I would absolutely love to help you.

Faine Bisset

Counselling Hypnotherapist

Cell: 0734116793



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