MAC500 : Create an oasis of purified air, indoors

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A healthy indoor climate can be crucial to your well-being.  Airborne, harmful micro-organisms cause endless trouble for people who are sensitive to these pollutants.    Sensitivities include:

  • headaches
  • respiratory problems
  • asthma
  • fatigue


An air purification system, MAC500, is now available in South Africa which uses short-wavelength ultra violet light (UV-C) to eliminate germs, viruses and fungi.

At the same time, a small amount of ozone is produced which is the equivalent to the level that surrounds us in nature on a sunny day. The ozone also works to destroy the pollutants and once the ozone(O3) has oxidised the offending matter, it reverts back to its original state – oxygen (O2). These low levels of residual ozone are also destroyed by the MAC500 making it a perfectly safe system to use 24/7.

This process of oxidation permanently eliminates these particles leaving a fresh, odourless environment. Bad odours from cigarettes, vomit, sweat, urine, pets, etc., are also eliminated.  This little machine is so effective that it received the prestigious EU Environmental Award in the category of “Cleaner Technology”.


Sufferers of COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorders) who suffer with reduced lung function, find great relief from breathing purified air.

If you are allergic to cats or dogs the MAC 500 air cleaner means that you can now comfortably have them in your home.

This is Jake’s story

“My son Jake, now aged 10 years old, was diagnosed with asthma at the age of 2, had been on steroid tablets twice a day as well as using a steroid inhaler and his Ventolin inhaler every 4 hours.

Jake has always struggled to sleep at night and we have never been able to find a way to help him to stop coughing and breathe more easily – to get the rest he needs. However, things changed for Jake when we were introduced to the MAC500 air cleaner.

Jake started to use the MAC500.  I initially kept Jake on all of his medication and had the MAC500 running all the time in his room throughout the day and night. We soon noticed an improvement in Jake and was not having to use his Ventolin as often throughout the day or night.

After a week of using the MAC500 we stopped giving him his steroid tablets in the morning and dropped the MAC500 usage down to being on just in the afternoon and at night only. To my amazement Jake was still stable. After another couple of weeks, he maintained his stability so I decided to stop giving him his steroid tablets at night as well. He still remained stable! By this time Jake had also stopped using his Ventolin inhaler as he felt so much better and could breathe a lot easier – even on the football pitch. Jake has now stopped using any of his medication for his asthma and has remained stable. Whilst we always keep his health under review, the only thing we use is the MAC500 – at night only.

The MAC500 has given Jake a fresh start. Before we started using the air cleaning unit, Jake had never been stable for long periods and had never slept through the night without waking up and coughing. Jake now feels a lot happier and healthier in himself since using the MAC500, and he’s able to give 100% to his team mates on the pitch. Since using the air purifying unit Jakes peak flow has gone from 200 to 350. I would highly recommend the MAC500 to others!”

Helen Shephard


The MAC 500 is easily installed in your home and can be used 24 hours a day.  One unit will purify a room of 32m and is small and light enough to be moved from room to room or even to take with you on holiday. Simply plug the unit into a plug point and place it as in the room.


  • Relieves breathing problems and coughing, as well as other reactions caused by allergies, asthma and COPD
  • Reduces odours from, among other things. smoking, humidity, incontinence, cooking and lack of ventilation
  • Creates a better indoor climate and helps to prevent infection
  • No use of chemicals and filters
  • Works by controlled UV-C light and low levels of ozone
  • Very low running costs


Price :

MAC500:                            R8 500

*UV-C Light:                      R2 400

Delivery time:                   2 weeks

Deliver cost:                      Price includes deliver costs within South African borders

*The UV-C lamp will need to be replaced after 8000 hours of running time.  If the unit is operational for 8 hours a day this lamp will only need to be replaced after 2 years and 7 months!


Innogiene   |  |  076 284 7878  |  (021) 761-5915

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