Heartbrain Coherance

Why is Heart Brain coherence essential for your daily routine

  1. What is Heart Brain Coherence 

      It is the cooperative alignment between the heart, mind and emotions where are aligned            and in sync.

  1. What is the purpose of Heart Brain Coherence

     To increase your resilience (inner energy reserves) so that you have the capacity to prepare       for, recover from and adapt in the face of stress, challenge, or adversity.

  1. What benefits do more resilience have for you

     You have more energy when needed for physical, mental and emotional challenges

  • Better self-regulation and better self-control in managing your challenges
  • Learning and applying energy preserving skills can increase your energy reserves and thus increasing resilience capacity
  • By getting enough sleep and stopping energy leaks can building and maintaining your resilience

     4. Facts about the HEART

     You have 2 memory centres – your heart and brain

  • The heart sends more info to the brain the other way round
  • The heart also secretes hormones
  • The heart produces an electromagnetic field that is 40-60X stronger than the brain
  • That field is 3m around the body
  • The frequency that is radiated is influenced by how you feel – angry or joyful
  • Heart emotions create a positive field that attracts positivity
  1. Why should Heart Brain Coherence part of your daily routine

Our daily lives are dictated by emotions and stressful situations reduce our coherence.       The  speed of life increases all the time and becomes faster.   Many people now feel intuitively to change themselves and world.   Depending on your state of coherence – it can affect you severely or not.   Most people use techniques like – listen to music, use alcohol and socialize to relax and to cut of the daily havoc.    These are only these are short term solutions.   Negative emotions release stress hormones like cortisol and adrenalin and positive heart emotions will release DHEA and Oxytocin.   Heart Brain  Coherence can change your life and life on earth for all those around you.

  1. The four domains for resilience

 Physical resilience pertains to physical flexibility, endurance and strength

  • Mental resilience pertains to mental flexibility, attention span, focussing and incorporation of multiple points of view
  • Emotional resilience pertains to emotional flexibility, positive outlook on life and self-regulation
  • Spiritual resilience pertains to spiritual flexibility, commitment to values, tolerance of others` values and beliefs, meditation and religious activity

Flexibility is key and balance in all four domains maximise resilience.   Most of us waste a lot of energy in the emotional domain.   Feelings like frustration, anger, resentment and anxiety burn a lot of your energy.   Stress hormones like cortisol can stay in your blood for 13 hours and the good hormones like DHEA only stays in your blood for 6 hours.   You must put in double the work for the stress hormones vs the good hormones.

  1. Heart-Focused Breathing Technique – on the go technique – do it often daily at home and during work with your eyes open and see the difference in how you feel.

Remember – where the attention goes the energy flows!

  • Step 1 – Focus your attention in the area of the heart
  • Step 2 – Regulate the breath and imagine your breath flows in and out of the heart as you inhale and exhale
  • Step 3 – ad a feeling if you are not to stressed and sustain
  • Breathe in for 5 counts and exhale for 5 counts
  • Breathe deeper and slower
  • When you inhale pull the belly to the spine
  • Now try for 1 min – use this technique frequently daily whilst busy at work to conserve your energy and to balance your autonomic nervous system
  • At home – practice daily until you can do 15 minutes once or twice a day
  1. Notes

 If you feel dizzy – you breathe too deeply

  • If you feel sleepy – body says you need rest
  • The Purpose of the exercise is to conserve your energy, recharge yourself and balance your autonomic nervous system
  • Coherence – is about how balanced the autonomic nervous system is and how balanced the breathing cycle (rhythm must be consistent) is and that leads to more coherence
  • In HeartMath we self-regulate -we don’t mediate
  • HeartMath self-regulation should be a daily practice to increase resilience
  • If you self-regulate for longer time periods with high coherence you will have more resilience
  • As time goes by you build capacity and your resilience increases
  • Mini habits create success
  1. Main benefits
  • Improve focus with 24%
  • Improve sleep with 30%
  • Improve calmness with 38%
  • Reduce anxiety with 46%
  • Reduce fatigue with 48%
  • Reduce depression with 56% 

Other benefits

  • Emotional rebalancing
  • Immune system reinforcement
  • Reduce burn-out / chronic fatigue
  • Reduction of high blood pressure
  • Regain of tonus and energy
  • Improvement of concentration and memorization capacities
  • Increased life expectancy
  • Assist with weight-loss in overweight patients by moving them from emotional eating to intuitive eating

Negative emotions are costly and inefficient and deplete your resilience capacity.   Start today with this simples regulated breathing exercise and enhance your Heart Brain Coherence and live a better life.



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