Stool Tests
First consultation up to 45-60 mins R1250 & follow-up consultation up to 30 minutes R660 (laboratory tests excluded)

A Stool test is a valuable tool in assessing the digestive health of a patient. From the results one can see:

  • Flora status
  • Pathogen status
  • Inflammatory status of the digestive track
  • Candida status
  • Helicobacter pylorii
  • Celiac screening
  • Paracites
  • Colon cancer

The comprehensive Gut health test includes:

  1. Natural flora and pathogen analysis
  2. Calprotectin (inflammation marker)
  3. Secretory IGA (inflammation enzyme)

Additional tests:

  • H Pylorii (acid reflux)
  • M2PK (colon cancer marker)
  • Parasite serology (did that recently – all clear)
  • Pancreatic Elastase – (weight fluctuations)
  • or Celiac Screen (I’m mostly off gluten)

To do the Celiac test: Eat gluten again before taking the test to see the reaction.