Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

First consultation 1 to 2 hrs @ R1695 /hr (Preparation time, medication  excluded)

CFS presents with various of non-specific symptoms, with a large variation between patients. The majority of cases develop over a long period of time (6 months or more) and then suddenly and are accompanied by a ‘flu-like’ illness. Fatigue for longer than 6 months is a major indication but all other known causes of fatigue be conclusively ruled out.

The laboratory tests that are used exclude other possible explanations of the fatigue and associated symptoms. The majority of CFS pastients will have a positive result for the Epstein-Barr, Coxsakie and / or Cytomegalo Virus. The diagnostic criteria are based on specific symptoms, numerous other symptoms are associated with CFS. Symptoms can include chills and night sweats, allergies or sensitivities to various food or chemicals, irritable bowel syndrome, bloating, nausea, visiual disturbances or eye pain, chest pain and problems such as depression, irritability, anxiety and panic attacks.

CFS affects various systems in the body: digestive system, immune system, endocrine system and psychological and emotional issues. These can differ from patient to patient and must be evaluated individually.

Treatment are patient specific and all the above systems have to be restored to normal function. Only homeopathic medicine, herbal medicine and specific nutraceuticals are used. Other treatment options that are considered are Rife, Bemer treatments and Ozone treatments. These modalities increase energy levels in the cells. My treatment approach has restored many CFS patients with health, vitality and wellness.

Please note : CFS is a condition that develops over a long period of time and therefor healing may also take up a reasonable amount of time. Consultations, medication and preparation time are factors that influence the cost to the patient and differs from patient to patient.