Week 2 : Cell phone radiation – how bad is it really?

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Week 2 : Cell phone radiation – how bad is it really?

Cell phones are part of our lives today and I cannot imagine life without them.  There are still many questions on long-term use side effects.

Helpful tips to minimise EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) exposure of cell phones

  • Always put your phone on airplane mode when it’s in your pocket or up against your body.
  • Remember to turn off additional transmissions when not in use (bluetooth, wifi, etc).
  • When you sleep at night, don’t leave your phone next to your head, or up against your body and don’t keep it under your pillow.  A good idea to use airplane mode at night.
  • Pregnant women should always keep the phone away from their tummy.
  • Use earbuds, headsets, or the speaker when talking.
  • Swop sides of the head when talking on the cell phone.
  • Take breaks and go to places where there is no cell phone reception – get off the grid.
  • Limit the screen time for kids.  Aim for a 5-1 ratio of play to modern technology.



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