Vitamin D can Prevent Skin Cancer

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A recent study shows that vitamin D can actually protect women from melanoma. And of course, the best source of vitamin D is – the sun.  If you opt for the next best option – a good quality vitamin D3 supplement offers similar benefits.

The researchers studied data on 36,000 women, between the ages of 50 and 79 and over a period of seven years. And what they found was quite remarkable. They discovered that the women who were taking vitamin D3 supplements had less than half (that’s less than 50%) risk of melanoma than those who were taking a placebo.

Everyone, including men and children need vitamin D. And the less time we spend in the sun, and more sun-block we slather on, the higher our risk for melanoma.  Have a blood test and check your levels.  If you levels are below 30ng/ml – please supplement with Vitamin D3 and recheck the levels within 3 months.

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Dr James Liddell is an Integrated Healthcare Specialist (B.Pharm; M.Pharm; PhD; SAPC and PSSA registered) specialising in integrating different disciplines of healthcare to ensure holistic healthcare solutions. With 25 years experience as a Pharmacist, Dr of Nutrition and Complementary & Alternative Medicine Healthcare Practitioner, he believes lifestyle is ultimately the key to optimal health; a good nutritional foundation combined with sound emotional health are the fundamentals to what he calls ‘the optimal health zone’.

Please share with others if you find this article helpful