Ozone steam sauna therapy

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Every cell in the body requires a continuous supply of oxygen to feed the chemical reactions that generate energy, detox internal and external waste products and maintain production of the structural cell components. A lack of sufficient cellular oxygen to the body – due to poor posture and breathing, refined foods, de-oxygenated water, smoking, lack of exercise, exposure to carbon … Read More

Mycotoxin exposure is bad news to your heart – by Sue Visser

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Mycotoxin exposure is bad news to your heart Mycotoxins as a result of exposure to environmental or food-based sources of mould and fungi can be detrimental to your cardiovascular health, your mental state and your endocrine system. These unseen pathogens can cause inflammation, free radical stress, acidity and toxicity in the body that mimic the effects of bad eating habits, … Read More

The 21 Step Plan to beat constipation

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  Constipation is something that many of us experience from time to time and it often happens when we have travelled somewhere, changes our diets or take some medication. Constipation can make you feel sluggish, having headaches, nausea, bad breath and causes brain fog. Most patients are magnesium deficient and your first option should be to take high doses of … Read More

Cholesterol can be managed with lifestyle modification and natural remedies

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The cholesterol myth Cardiovascular disease is not simply a high cholesterol disease but an inflammatory disease. 80% Cholesterol is manufactured in your body. 20% Cholesterol is from animal protein – that is now the food that you eat. Raised cholesterol levels are a sign of a lifestyle problem and that should be the first priority in reducing cholesterol levels. The … Read More