Why sugar is not good for you – sugar causes havoc with testosterone and oestrogen

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Studies have shown that even moderate amounts of sugar can increase your risk of disease.

Research performed at the Child and Family Research Institute in Vancouver, Canada identified that eating too much sugar can affect testosterone and oestrogen levels.

When females experience elevated insulin levels, there is an enzyme known as 17,20 lyase that gets up-regulated and then converts some oestrogen into testosterone. In males, elevated insulin levels will increase the enzyme aromatase which will cause some testosterone to be converted into oestrogen. Oestrogen and testosterone are in certain amounts in both males and females for a reason. Testosterone and oestrogen work differently males and females. Oestrogen (when balanced properly) is protective and beneficial for women, as testosterone is for men. However, an excessive of testosterone in women and an excess of oestrogen in men is harmful to both.

When women have an excess of testosterone they can experience the following: acne; hair growth on the face, chest or back; male-pattern hair loss; aggressiveness; a deepening of the voice; loss of breast tissue; menstrual irregularities; infertility; hypothyroidism and many more.

Men with an excess of oestrogen can experience the following: gynecomastia (or the growth of breasts); infertility; erectile dysfunction; increased risk of heart disease and stroke; increased risk of prostate cancer; low libido; loss of muscle tone; excess belly fat; depression and many more.

The solution to the above problem is not to do hormone replacement whether synthetic or bio-equivalent. The solution to the sugar driven hormonal imbalance is to regulate blood sugar levels. This can be done successfully through diet, exercise, stress management, and supplements in mild to moderate cases of blood sugar imbalance.bad sugar

Please eliminate sugar from your diet and if you have problems conquering your sugar addiction please contact your Professional Healthcare Provider.


Please share with others if you find this article helpful