Genetic Profiling

First consultation 45-60 mins – R1250 (lab costs excluded)

If you are concerned about your future health, then genetic profiling is for you. With genetic screening we can access your inherited risks. When we know what your risks are we can address those risks. You can manipulate 70-80% of your inherited risks through lifestyle modification and supplementation. This is a must for all anti-aging patients.

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Dr James Liddell is an Integrated Healthcare Specialist (B.Pharm; M.Pharm; PhD; SAPC and PSSA registered) specialising in integrating different disciplines of healthcare to ensure holistic healthcare solutions. With 25 years experience as a Pharmacist, Dr of Nutrition and Complementary & Alternative Medicine Healthcare Practitioner, he believes lifestyle is ultimately the key to optimal health; a good nutritional foundation combined with sound emotional health are the fundamentals to what he calls ‘the optimal health zone’.