Electrodermal Screening

First consultation up to 45-60 mins R1325  & follow-up consultation up to 30 minutes R699

It is a 30 Point testing on acupuncture points of both hands and feet – testing liver, pancreas, spleen, sinuses etc. Each testing point has an energy reading that tells us what the health status is of an organ. By testing the energy levels in the various organs one can gauge what the health status is of the patient. Specific health issues can then be addressed to restore health and balance.

If you want to know how your organs function – this is a must.

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Dr James Liddell is an Integrated Healthcare Specialist (B.Pharm; M.Pharm; PhD; SAPC and PSSA registered) specialising in integrating different disciplines of healthcare to ensure holistic healthcare solutions. With 25 years experience as a Pharmacist, Dr of Nutrition and Complementary & Alternative Medicine Healthcare Practitioner, he believes lifestyle is ultimately the key to optimal health; a good nutritional foundation combined with sound emotional health are the fundamentals to what he calls ‘the optimal health zone’.