Are supplements necessary or a waste of money?

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Many people confront me on a daily basis wanting to know whether supplements are not just expensive urine. Now, unless you really have bad absorption levels, it is not true and supplementation is beneficial and can improve your health. 1. General information on the quality of our food that we consume daily Nutrition is lost as soon as the vegetables … Read More

Fatigue – I am always tired and don’t know what is wrong with me

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Causes of fatigue 1. Nutrient deficiencies A low kilojoule diet and / or protein intake Low nutrient density – food intake might be high in kilojoule content and low in nutrient value Specific deficiencies: low in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, essential fatty acids. carotenoids and flavonoids Food intolerances or allergies 2. Stress: Physical and/or psychological Anxiety Insomnia Restlessness Burnout Depression 3. … Read More

Protect yourself with antioxidants

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  What is a free radical? A free radical is an oxygen molecule that become unstable and cause oxidation of other molecules. This can lead to cellular damage that triggers inflammation, cancer, arterial damage and ageing. Free radicals are link with 60 diseases. These oxidants must be neutralized and removed. Oxidants are produced by: Smoking Exhaust fumes Radiation Frying Barbecues … Read More

Holiday Survival Kit

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It is holiday time again and it is very important to be prepared for your holiday so that small incidents don’t ruin your holiday. I have put together a holiday survival kit to ensure that you are prepared for all events. 1. Travel Tips Probiotics Take Probiotics everyday – they will fight any new bug that invades your digestive system. … Read More

Prostate health

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Present position in South Africa One in six men dies in South Africa of prostate cancer – the number one cancer amongst men. Ideal position 75% of Prostate and other cancers can be prevented Ultimate solution for prostate cancer prevention Lifestyle modification and supplementation and a reduction in prostate cancer. What is the prostate gland and what does it do? … Read More