Laughter is the best medicine

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Laughter is medicine that does not cost you money and it can boost your immune system and keep you healthy for longer 12 Reasons Why You Should Laugh and Smile More Laughter can boost your immune system by stimulating endorphins. Endorphins can boost your immune system and keep you healthier during winters and high stress periods in your life Laughter … Read More

Pets keep us healthy

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Nature can be viewed as a huge pharmacy; it contains thousands of components essential to man’s survival. Therefore, the animal world is in a way part of our survival kit. Used since the nineteenth century, leeches are now employed in surgery because of the anticoagulant and anti-inflammatory properties of their saliva. The active elements of the Brazilian Viper’s venom have been synthesized … Read More

Lifestyle modification and natural medicine can prevent Hypertension

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Hypertension  What is blood pressure? It is the force with which blood pressures on the arteries. It is like tyre pressure – if tyrepressure is too high, it can damage the tyre. Blood pressure will fluctuate during the day – depending on what you do, think or experience. If blood pressure stays high for a long time it causes problems. … Read More

Manage Stess Naturally

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Manage Stress Naturally There are many modalities that can help you to manage stress.  A natural solution is always better than a drug solution that will only mask the problems and that can lead to addictions. What is Stress?  Stress is a group of reactions that take place in the body as a result of exposure to different kinds of … Read More