My 8 secrets to losing weight and keeping it off

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Many people struggle with losing weight and maintaining the weight they lost. As a healthcare practitioner I’ve spent many years, researching, experimenting, formulating weight loss solutions to help patients lose and maintain weight, especially for chronically ill patients whose weight has become life threatening.  Here are my tried and tested eight secrets to losing weight. Only eat low Gl Glycemic Load … Read More

My 10 favourite Vitamins, Minerals and other beneficial remedies to assist you in losing weight

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When I turned forty, it seemed to me that I gained weight just by looking at food. Now that of course, is not true, but it feels like it. The following vitamins, minerals and herbal remedies can really help you to lose weight. Vitamin B6 A vitamin B6 deficiency is common amongst insulin resistant and diabetic patients. Vitamin B6 can … Read More

Exercise: Benefits & Myths

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Exercise is the 2nd best natural medicine after good quality organic food to move to into the zone of optimal health. The Benefits of Regular Exercise 1. Musculoskeletal system Increase muscle strength and muscle mass Increases flexibility of muscles and range of joint motion Produces stronger bones, ligaments, and tendons Lessens chance of injury Enhances posture, poise, and physique Prevents … Read More