Heart disease can be prevented through healthy diet, exercise and stress management

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Heart disease can almost be completely prevented through changes in diet, exercise and stress management. The good news is that you do not need pharmaceutical drugs to cure heart disease, your body has an inner intelligence to heal itself if you give it a chance.   Background of Heart Disease There is a 50% risk you can die from heart … Read More

Men’s health – The 5 big killers and 5 natural solutions by Dr James G Liddell

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Stress, Heart Attacks, Strokes, Diabetes and Prostate Cancer Statistics : Chronically high stress levels can lead to heart attacks, heart failure and strokes You have a 50% risk of dying from heart or artery disease Diabetics have an 80% risk for stroke related deaths One in six men die in South Africa of prostate cancer – the number one amoungst … Read More

Cholesterol can be managed with lifestyle modification and natural remedies

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The cholesterol myth Cardiovascular disease is not simply a high cholesterol disease but an inflammatory disease. 80% Cholesterol is manufactured in your body. 20% Cholesterol is from animal protein – that is now the food that you eat. Raised cholesterol levels are a sign of a lifestyle problem and that should be the first priority in reducing cholesterol levels. The … Read More