Clot controlling with Aspirin

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Aspirin – a lifesaver or a stroke hazard? Aspirin may do more harm than good, depending on the conditions for which it is prescribed. Aspirin reduces the stickiness of the blood, which can prevent some blood clots forming and cause others to break up without doing too much harm. However, plaque rupture is also often caused by bleeding from tiny, … Read More

Prescription medication can affect the absorption of the food you eat

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The prescription medicine you take may affect food intake or the absorption, metabolism or excretion of nutrients. This may have implications in terms of food choice or nutritional requirements. Food intake may be reduced because of drugs which: Have an anorexic effect, either as a direct effect of the drug on appetite (e.g. some antibiotics and many cytotoxic drugs) or … Read More

Are supplements necessary or a waste of money?

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Many people ask me on a daily basis wanting to know whether supplements are not just expensive urine. Unless you have very bad absorption levels, it’s not true and supplementation is beneficial and can improve your health.  Here’s why: 1.  General information on the quality of our food that we consume daily Nutrition is lost as soon as the vegetables … Read More

Tissue salts are inexpensive and should be part of your first aid kit

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Tissue salt 1 – Calc fluor Action Calc fluor maintains the essential quality of elastic tissue and is chiefly indicated for conditions resulting from relaxed muscular and supportive tissue. These include dilated blood vessels, varicose veins, poor circulation, haemorrhoids, constipation, strained tendons and ligaments, prolapsed organs and chapped or hardened skin. Calc fluor helps reduce the formation of stretch marks. … Read More