Why too low stomach acid levels can have negative health effects

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 Common conditions associated with low stomach acid Low acid secretion in the stomach can cause a few health conditions: Asthma and allergies Food sensitivities Depression Low energy Microbial overgrowth like Candida and Helicobacter pylori Pernicious anaemia (lack of Vit B12) Stomach cancer Autoimmune diseases Skin disorders Osteoporosis Gallbladder and / or pancreas malfunction Inflammation of the digestive system Hypothyroidism (underactive … Read More

Anti-acids and acid blockers have a negative effect on general health – stomach acid

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Stomach Acid Normal stomach acid assists in killing bad bacteria and fungi in the stomach. It is also needed for protein absorption and assists with vitamin and mineral absorption. Anti-acids decrease stomach acid and can affect the following: a. Reduced absorption of vitamins and minerals and that can lead to the following: Systemic decline in general health Reduced neurological function … Read More

The underlying causes of foul smell farts

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Reasons why gas is trapped inside the body abnormally include: Swallowing air (aerophagia): This involves inadvertently swallowing air that accumulates in the stomach and is then released by belching or farting.  You might be eating too fast and therefore not chewing your food properly. Gaseous odour accumulation: Smelly farts are usually the cause of gas produced by colonic bacteria during fermentation of unabsorbed food … Read More

Holiday Survival Kit

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It is holiday time again and it is very important to be prepared for your holiday so that small incidents don’t ruin your holiday. I have put together a holiday survival kit to ensure that you are prepared for all events. 1. Travel Tips Probiotics Take Probiotics everyday – they will fight any new bug that invades your digestive system. … Read More