Natural Hormone Replacement

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Hormone Replacement Menopause is a natural process in the body. Intervene if necessary. You don’t have to do hormone replacement therapy (natural or conventional). Background Oestrogen refers to a group of female hormones that are produced mainly by the ovaries. Oestrogen is responsible for the development of female sexual characteristics, growth stimulating effect on breasts and regulates reproductive functions. There … Read More

Reduced kidney function can improve with lifestyle modification

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Reduced kidney function can improve with lifestyle modification, natural medicine, Beemer carpet and Rife Reduced kidney function can lead to kidney failure if not intervened in an early stage. A natural intervention in an early stage can spare your kidneys which then can last as long as you live and you can prevent dialysis.  Are you at risk for chronic … Read More

Glycemic Index Food List

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GLYCEMIC INDEX When reviewing the food listed in this Table, give consideration to the fact that: The Glycemic Index is not the only determinant of insulin response. Saturated fat intake should always be controlled, thus a low GI food with a High-saturated fat content would not be suitable. Low GI foods are not always low in their kilojoule intake, unless … Read More

Gluten and Casein Free Food List

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Foods you can eat on a Gluten and Casein Free Diet   Fresh fruit (if on anti-yeast diet, eat only fruits that can be peeled, no more than 2 per day) Fresh vegetables Dried fruit (without sulfites) Coconut (without sulfites) Potato chips (read labels – some have wheat and starch) Potato sticks (same as above) Popcorn (not buttered) Rice cakes … Read More

GL Food List

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THE PATRICK HOLFORD GL FOOD LIST   KEY TO TABLES Ordinary type – 1 Low-GL foods Italics – 2 Average foods (to be limited) Bold print – 3 High-GL foods (to be avoided)   All dishes marked E have estimated GL scores   BREAKFASTS GI rating Food Serving Looks like GL per Size in g serving BAKERY PRODUCTS   1 … Read More