The insecticide called Glyphosate (Roundup) has terrible effects on gut bacteria

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  The insecticide Glyphosate is a catalyst for heavy metal poisoning of blood and pineal gland function. Today, the pineal gland is assaulted chemically. It may be stopped from producing hormones that are needed for sleep, mental clarity, intuition, and communication with others. Some of the toxins that can damage the pineal gland are heavy metals like mercury and aluminium, … Read More

Cholesterol – medication and diseases that can increase your cholesterol levels

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Prednisone Prednisone is used to reduce the swelling, warmth, and tenderness associated with many inflammatory conditions. Despite the relief they may give to you, they can raise triglycerides, LDL cholesterol levels, and HDL cholesterol levels. Some patients had higher cholesterol levels within two weeks of treatment. Beta Blockers Beta-blockers are prescribed to treat high blood pressure. Beta-blockers also have been … Read More

Holistic healing with Hayley Hardie

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Everyone experiences some level of stress and/or anxiety, but what happens when it starts affecting other areas of your life and you can’t control it on your own? Do yourself a favour and go see Hayley at Holistic Healing. She is a stress management therapist offering one-on-one, private consultations in a supportive and safe environment. She can teach you skills to manage your stress. She … Read More

Bone supplementation that excels in improving osteoporosis and osteopenia

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Pharmanex Bone Formula is a complete bone supplement that excels in improving osteoporosis and osteopenia Osteoporosis : Background The bones are alive – that is true. Bones are continually rebuilt and do not stop when you are an adult. Bone consists off protein and collagen that collects calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and other minerals. You can also have lead in your bones … Read More

Ozone steam sauna therapy

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Every cell in the body requires a continuous supply of oxygen to feed the chemical reactions that generate energy, detox internal and external waste products and maintain production of the structural cell components. A lack of sufficient cellular oxygen to the body – due to poor posture and breathing, refined foods, de-oxygenated water, smoking, lack of exercise, exposure to carbon … Read More