My 8 secrets to losing weight and keeping it off

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Many people struggle with losing weight and maintaining the weight they lost. As a healthcare practitioner I’ve spent many years, researching, experimenting, formulating weight loss solutions to help patients lose and maintain weight, especially for chronically ill patients whose weight has become life threatening.  Here are my tried and tested eight secrets to losing weight. Only eat low Gl Glycemic Load … Read More

Dietary and lifestyle changes to lower flatulence

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When you have lot of flatulence, look for other abnormal symptoms like:- Fatigue Skin rashes, acne or hives Signs of allergies, like rashes Constipation or diarrhoea Blood in your urine or stool Pain around your lymph nodes, including in your groin, throat or armpits Changes in your body temperature, weight, sleep and menstrual cycle The Worst Foods for Flatulence Beans … Read More

The underlying causes of foul smell farts

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Reasons why gas is trapped inside the body abnormally include: Swallowing air (aerophagia): This involves inadvertently swallowing air that accumulates in the stomach and is then released by belching or farting.  You might be eating too fast and therefore not chewing your food properly. Gaseous odour accumulation: Smelly farts are usually the cause of gas produced by colonic bacteria during fermentation of unabsorbed food … Read More

I can hear my heartbeat in my ears

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I can hear my heartbeat in my ears Many patients complain that they can hear their heartbeat in their ears. It is possible for this to happen, and it can involve one or both ears. The throbbing sensation may start gradually or just occur suddenly, usually while you normally are lying down.  It is normally harmless and may happen to … Read More