How stress affects the balance of bacteria in the gut and immune response

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Stress can change the balance of bacteria that naturally live in the gut. These bacteria affect immune function, and may help explain why stress dysregulates the immune response. Exposure to stress leads to changes in composition, diversity and number of gut microorganisms. The bacterial communities in the intestine can become less diverse, and an increase in potentially harmful bacteria, such … Read More

Cell phone radiation – how bad is it really?

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Week 1: Cell phone radiation – how bad is it really? Cell phones are part of our lives today and I cannot imagine a life without them.  There are still many questions on long-term use side effects. Cell phones and insomnia Blue light emitted by electronic screens disrupts circadian rhythm and can have a negative influence on sleep. Cell phones … Read More

Ten Cardiovascular Commandments

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“On that day shalt the law be written on your hearts and not on stone” “On that day shalt thy doctor first give food unto the heart as medicine” Thou shalt have no other medications before those I have provided for thee to eat. Healthy, nutritious and healing food – if you can still find it free of toxins, GMO … Read More