Protect yourself with antioxidants

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  What is a free radical? A free radical is an oxygen molecule that become unstable and cause oxidation of other molecules. This can lead to cellular damage that triggers inflammation, cancer, arterial damage and ageing. Free radicals are link with 60 diseases. These oxidants must be neutralized and removed. Oxidants are produced by: Smoking Exhaust fumes Radiation Frying Barbecues … Read More

The Truth About Fats & Oils

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  Better with butter and crazy about coconuts One cannot say that saturated fats are bad and that unsaturated fats are good. It is a question of balance. When chemicals derived from the one group are classified as pro-inflammatory and exceed their limits we set off inflammation. As a result, we need more of the anti-inflammatory chemicals (DHA & EPA) … Read More

Omega 3 is Essential to Your Health

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  The Omega 3 EPA and DHA variants Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) Omega 3 supplements come from essential fatty acids that convert to EPA and DHA. Animal-based sources are found mainly in cold-water fish that feed off algae. These unicellular organisms contain anti-freeze chemicals that prevent the icy water and their inhabitants from freezing solid. They are … Read More