Holiday Survival Kit

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It is holiday time again and it is very important to be prepared for your holiday so that small incidents don’t ruin your holiday. I have put together a holiday survival kit to ensure that you are prepared for all events. 1. Travel Tips Probiotics Take Probiotics everyday – they will fight any new bug that invades your digestive system. … Read More

Festive season tips

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How to feel like a daisy and prevent that mother of a hangover Drink lots of water – it prevents dehydration Supplements: take probiotics & liver meds (before & after) Don’t drink on an empty stomach Don’t go out on an empty stomach – eat protein Healthy snacks – low GI/GL Responsible drinking and no drinking and driving No sugary … Read More

How to cope with low blood pressure

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 How to cope with low blood pressure? Low blood pressure may be due to many factors The stress may weaken the adrenals, causing chronic fatigue that may also cause lower than normal blood pressure. With Addison’s disease there is extreme sodium depletion. Adrenal exhaustion and chronic fatigue are connected to low blood pressure • You feel tired, confused and are … Read More