Skin Cancer Risks

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Skin Cancer Prevention And Detection – Count Your Moles First The average person has between 10 and 40 moles which may be present at birth or may even appear later, usually before the age of 40. About one in 10 people has at least one unusual mole that should be investigated. The ABCD of what to look out for in … Read More

How stress, minerals and sugar affect your blood pressure

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  Aneurisms, haemorrhagic strokes If the walls of the aorta or other large blood vessels become weak they can swell or bulge out (balloon) in places and form what is called an aneurysm. This is usually a problem caused by high blood pressure. During the early stages blood may begin to leak from the walls and so blood clotting will … Read More

How to keep your prostate healthy

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Present position in South Africa One in six men dies in South Africa of prostate cancer – the number one cancer amongst men. Ideal position 75% of Prostate and other cancers can be prevented Ultimate solution for prostate cancer prevention Lifestyle modification and supplementation and a reduction in prostate cancer. What is the prostate gland and what does it do? … Read More