Do you suffer with high or low blood pressure?

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If you or your friends suffer from high or low blood pressure, read the following: The chemistry of blood pressure ¬†An exact balance of magnesium, calcium, sodium and potassium is critical to keeps the blood alkaline and to enable heart muscles to contract and relax at regular intervals. Too little magnesium (excess of calcium) causes a cramping or spasm that … Read More

Clot controlling with Aspirin

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Aspirin – a lifesaver or a stroke hazard? Aspirin may do more harm than good, depending on the conditions for which it is prescribed. Aspirin reduces the stickiness of the blood, which can prevent some blood clots forming and cause others to break up without doing too much harm. However, plaque rupture is also often caused by bleeding from tiny, … Read More

Heart health: Protect yourself from radiation

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  Protect yourself from wireless hazards We are all at risk from the harmful effects of electrosmog. Our environment is full of devices from transmission towers to burglar alarms, electronic gadgets that bleep, monitor, open and shut just about everything. We need to confront this hazard as part of a heart healthy protocol. Boring enough it is to be continuously … Read More

Heart health and Cell phone Radiation

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What Is Your Cell Phone Doing To Your Blood Do not underestimate the disturbing effect that Wi Fi has on our blood. What is bad for the blood is bad for the heart. Even for “second hand” gadget users! The person next to you is also affected by the wireless and blue tooth emissions that come from you if your … Read More