Diabetic testing guidelines

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Managing diabetes is about testing to see whether it’s under control. Please use the guidelines for general diabetic testing Recommended testing at doctors visits: First diabetic examination Fasting blood glucose Weight Blood pressure Urine micro albumin Urine ketones Testing for bacteria in urine HbA1C – Keep level under 6.0% Vitamin D Serum-Creatinine Lipogram Other markers to access cardiovascular risk: Fibrinogen, … Read More

Diabetes is not a death sentence, you can improve your life

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Diabetes does not need to be a death sentence, managed properly you can minimize your long-term risk.  There are people living with diabetics who are off prescription medication because of lifestyle modifications and good eating habits.  The more you are prepared to make changes in your life, the less medication you will have to take. In 2010 we had 171 … Read More

Food intolerances can be cured

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Do you often experience the following: Abdominal pain, loss of appetite, bloating, vomiting, constipation, cramps, diarrhea and weight problems? There is a strong possibility that you suffer from food intolerances and a leaky gut. The only solution is a food intolerance test and a stool analysis. Once we have the results we can start a process of healing the gut … Read More