If your yeast infection is not clearing, it might have advanced systemically

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Many people are born with a systemic fungal infection or develop it after their first exposure to antibiotics. A pregnant woman may experience an increase in Candida growth due to hormonal changes. If she already has Candida an outbreak may occur in the birth canal. The baby will then contract it and become infected as it passes through the birth … Read More

CordyMax Cs-4® an Oral Flu Vaccine (2019) can prevent colds and flu

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Colds and flu are both caused by different viruses. Flu is caused by the influenza virus and colds are caused by the rhino virus. Colds can re-occur it self because there are about 200 different rhinoviruses. Flu is another story. Preparing for Winter: Colds and Flu Colds and flu are both caused by different viruses. Flu is caused by the … Read More

12 Exercise Myths

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Myth 1 Cardio exercise is better for weight loss than lifting weights. The Truth One of the oldest myths around cardio has always been seen as the first port of call for the portly. Cardiovascular exercise, such as running or swimming, does burn kilojoules during the exertion, but muscle is not built during these kinds of exercise. With weight training, … Read More

Homocysteine – one of your most important health statistics – know it

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                                                                              Homocysteine is the one health statistic that will determine whether you will live long and healthy or die young. High levels of homocysteine are associated with damaged endothelium, increased platelet aggregation and the formation of atherosclerotic lesions. Homocysteine is a protein in the blood and should present at levels lower than 6. If you don’t follow a diet that … Read More