Food Intolerances can be Cured with IGG – Mediated Testing and Natural Medicine

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  Allergy (food and environmental)   An allergy is an adverse reaction (hypersensitivity) resulting from exposure to a normally harmless substance (allergen). This substance may be a drug, a food, or some other environmental agent such as dust, dust-mites, pets, or pollens. The reaction may manifest itself in various ways including skin rashes, sneezing, swelling of the tissue or mucous … Read More

Managing depression with therapy, healthy eating and natural medicine

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Depression  – therapy, diet and natural medicine should be the first choice before drugs Considering all the days of the last week, circle the number that best fits you for each item:   1.         I feel sad. 0 1 2 3 4 Not at all true Slightly/rarely true Moderately/occasionally true Very much/frequently true Extremely/constantly true   2.         I am not … Read More

Gut Bacteria can Prevent most Diseases including Auto-Immune Diseases

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  GUT bacteria (balanced microbiota) can prevent most diseases including Autoimmune Diseases The origins of autoimmune disease are in the gut. The human gastrointestinal tract harbours a complex micro-bacteria consisting of between 500 and 1000 distinct microbial species. Our intestinal bacteria have a larger role in health than we have previously suspected. A microbiome is “the ecological community of commensal, … Read More

Natural medicine and Lifestyle modification can prevent Parkinson’s disease

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Natural Medicine and Lifestyle modification can prevent Parkinson’s disease Parkinson ’s disease is a progressive neurological disorder that is caused by a degeneration of cells in the part of the brain that produces the neurotransmitter dopamine (chemical messenger). It is characterised by slowness of movement, rigidity, tremor and balance problems as well as non-movement type symptoms including constipation, low mood, … Read More