Is your drinking water safe

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Many of us question whether our drinking water is safe enough to drink directly out the tap. Municipal water is chemically cleaned before we use it. Some chemicals stay in the water after the cleaning process DBP (disinfection by-product). There are many different disinfection by-products and only one is monitored – trihalomethanes. DBP`s (disinfection by-products) are associated with cancers of the … Read More

Virgin Coconut Oil-Amazing Health Benefits

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Virgin coconut oil – amazing health benefits Saturated fats are classified into 2 groups namely long chain fatty acids (LCFA) and medium chain fatty acids (MCFA). Long chain fatty acids (LCFA) like in beef, mutton, pork and dairy can cause platelets to become sticky and increase cardiovascular diseases.  Medium chain fatty acids (MCFA) as found in coconut oil are smaller … Read More