How to Treat and Prevent a Hangover

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How to prevent your hangover and treat it It is festive season again and are you going to feel like daisy the next day or suffer from a severe hangover.   Before you go out Don’t go out on an empty stomach and don’t drink on an empty stomach Eat almonds, peanuts, fish, chicken or a protein shake before you … Read More

Irisin – Hormone that is Activated with Excercise and can Help with Obesity and Glucose Homeostasis

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Irisin Irisin is a newly identified hormone that is activated with exercise and can help with obesity and glucose homeostasis Where does irisin come from? Irisin levels increase with exercise and is secreted by muscle cells. What does Irisin do? Irisin converts white fat into brown fat and result in improvements in obesity and glucose homeostasis. What’s the difference between … Read More

Eating Genetically Modified Food May be Why You are Fat

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Eating Genetically Modified (GM) Food May be Why You are Fat Rats that eat genetically modified corn get fatter than rats eating normal corn. There is a strong possibility that it can have the same effect on human beings Is genetically modified food is dangerous to human beings? A recent study suggests that even if GM food isn’t directly making … Read More

Anti Ageing and Telomeres: Specific Nutrients and Foods Increase DNA Methylation and can Maintain Telomere Length

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  The methylation pathway is very important to maintain DNA integrity and to prevent telomere shortening.  Foods and nutrients that donate methyl groups are essential to prevent genetic mutations that can result in cancer. Men with the highest levels of Folate in their blood have the longest telomeres when compared to those with the lowest levels.  Folate (800 mcg each … Read More

Whey – An Anti-Obesity and Muscle-Protective Protein

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Whey – An Anti-Obesity and Muscle-Protective Protein Obesity has reached epidemic proportions all over the world. The health consequences of obesity are far more dangerous when associated with the metabolic syndrome and its components. Milk contains two primary sources of protein, casein (80%) and whey (20%). Studies show that whey protein can promote greater benefits compared to other protein sources … Read More