Top Ten Superfoods

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Superfoods Superfoods are raw whole foods with a high mineral, vitamin, nutrient and energy content.  Because they natural they are well absorbed and utilized.  Superfoods can help a lot for  bad food cravings.   Top 10 Superfoods   1.      Chai Seeds – Omega 3,  Protein 25% and Minerals Chia seeds have the highest source of omega 3 of all vegetable … Read More

Ten Tips for Good Digestion

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10 Tips for good digestion When you digest your food better, you will experience all the benefit from the food that you eat.   Tip 1 Eat when you are calm and eat in a relaxed way.  Chew your food well.  When you are in a hurry:  eat fresh fruit, drink a juice or eat a protein bar.   Tip … Read More

Women’s health: From puberty to post menopause

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Puberty During puberty the body goes through rapid changes to accommodate sexual development and requires specific nutrients to prevent acne, obesity and behavioural problems. From 14 to 16 years of age girls and boys need more vitamin A, D, B6, biotin, zinc, calcium, magnesium and essential fatty acids. They also need more protein because of still being in a growth … Read More

Brain Freeze – am I getting Alzheimers?

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  Brain Freeze – am I getting Alzheimers? Are you  forgetting why you just walked from the kitchen to the living room. If you’re over the age of 40 and forgetting why you just walked from the kitchen to the living room.  Most likely there’s no need to go for an Alzheimers’ test or a brain scan—it’s a normal part … Read More

Sneezing and Wheezing all day long?

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    Sneezing and Wheezing all day long? You don’t have to suffer another spring through. Asthma Asthma is an inflammatory condition that affects the lungs and respiration and is characterized by difficulty in breathing and frequent coughing.  In Britain one in 12 people are currently asthmatic – and it is on the increase.   Asthma in children Asthma is … Read More