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  Nuts Nuts are a good snack and too many are not good because of Phytic Acid.  Nuts, grains and legumes contain Phytic Acid. Nuts contain a lot of phytic acid, AKA phytate, AKA IP-6, AKA the storage form of a plant’s phosphorus, and antioxidant to the seed in times of oxidative stress (PDF). When something that contains it is … Read More

Facts about Sugar, Glucose and Fructose

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  Sugar, Glucose or Fructose Fructose has recently been the focus of much interest as a possible contributor to the current epidemic of metabolic diseases. Facts about Sugar, Glucose and Fructose Fructose and sugar are not essential for any physiological function – you don’t need it Glucose is essential to all cells to generate energy and an exclusive energy fuel … Read More

Facts about Fat: Can fats make us Fatter?

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  Facts about Fats Will the fat that you eat go onto your arteries? Atherosclerosis is caused by oxidized LDL particles penetrating the arterial wall, inciting inflammation, and damaging the arterial tissue. It is not caused by fat mechanistically attaching itself to the surface of the arteries like fat in a kitchen pipe. Also, it’s not like you eat some … Read More

Complications of cold and flu

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Colds and flu can have serious complications like encephalitis, Reye`s syndrome, bronchitis, sinusitis, heart attack, can aggravate other pre-existing conditions and can also cause dehydration in the elderly. Encephalitis Encephalitis is inflammation of the brain and though serious, but not common as a complication in children. Signs and symptoms include: fever, headache, irritability, change in level of consciousness, hallucinations, muscle weakness, … Read More